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  • KITS Fabrics and Towels Cross Stitch

    Cross Stitch Fabric or Towels with DMC threads for embroidery and a gift

  • Aida

    Aida DMC 100% cotton fabrics for Cross Stitch.

  • Canvas

    Canvas DMC Special Embroidery Fabric as an embroidery guide, ideal for customizing any item in Cross Stitch, very simple and practical to use thanks to its grid. It will allow you to embroider more easily !!!

  • Cloth panel
  • Etamine

    Etamine is a fabric with an equal weft and warp, with regular fibers, with a very uniform appearance. It is a fabric similar to linen, special for Cross Stitch because of its perfect weft.

  • Linen
  • Panamá

    Tela Aida and Panama on Sale

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